Molly gave our son a clinical diagnosis for his delayed speech and prescribed an intense treatment to help emerge his speech. He is very good at task avoidance when it is challenging for him, which speech demands a lot from him. She understands our son, his behaviors, his moods, and his difficulty with producing language. Because of her invested interested and deep knowledge with speech and language, he is uttering more words in the one year of treatment with Molly, than in the past five years with many other speech pathologists. Her gentle demeanor, understanding of a child as an individual and her willingness to educate the parents as well as the patient makes her a hero in our son's life and ours. Without speech he would be a lost boy in this world. Thank you Molly!

-D & J, Rancho Santa Margatrita, CA

It is such a relief, after many years of different therapies, to have finally found Molly Cote. She identified exactly where our son needed help and works on exactly those things. Our son's time with her and her staff has provided results that we hadn't seen with other speech therapies. Molly cares, is kind and insightful, and works diligently toward her students goals. We are so pleased!

-J & C, Huntington Beach, CA

Our son has shown remarkably improved speech as a direct result of working with Molly. Her knowledge and strategies of effective communication have gone above and beyond anything we had ever expected and our son has gained a new confidence in speaking that is helping him in every area of his life. We will be forever grateful to Molly Cote.

-C and J, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Our child always looked forward to his meetings with Molly. He never saw it as therapy but rather one hour of fun and games! Molly's sessions were always so much fun and it never felt like work. He has mastered all of his sounds and family members have commented on the huge difference in the clarity of his speech. We love Molly!

-V in Huntington Beach, CA

Dear Molly, We are very pleased with your speech/language therapy services and the progress our son has made with you over the past 2 years. You were able to pinpoint exactly the areas he needed help, and you created fun activities that engaged him, helped him meet his goals, and improved his skills and confidence significantly. I observed your wonderful rapport with children. You are always so organized and I appreciate your communication with me in the ways I can support our son at home. I would highly recommend you for speech/language therapy!

-L.A., San Clemente, CA