Our Speech & Language Services


Assessment tailored to each individual's needs. Areas of assessment include: receptive language, expressive language, speech sound disorders, (articulation, phonology, dysarthria and Childhood Apraxia of Speech), fluency, voice, pragmatic disorders and acquired neurogenic communication disorders (stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, aphasia, etc..).

Individual Therapy

Direct speech and language therapy focusing on each individual's needs. Therapy targets increasing an individual's ability to communicate in the most effective way possible. Each therapy program is designed with the child and family in mind and a includes home treatment program.


Screenings available at schools and preschools to determine if a complete assessment is necessary and whether he/she could benefit form speech and language therapy.

Social Skills Program

Small group therapy for children with social difficulties. Small groups target areas of social interaction including participating in reciprocal conversations, making friends, turn-taking, playing in a group, giving and receiving compliments and body language. Groups run for 8 weeks and children are grouped according to need.

Preschool Speech and Language Groups

Small groups for children ages 3-5 years old, addressing speech and language needs in a natural environment. Targets include language expansion, enrichment and vocabulary development, as well as speech sound production.