About Molly Cote

I am a state and nationally licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and the founder of The Spoken Word Speech and Language Services. I received a Master's of Science degree from the John A. Burns School of Medicine at the University of Hawaii, Manoa and have served individuals with communication disorders for more than a decade. I have directed preschool and school-aged groups, as well as individual therapy programs in Hawaii and California. My experience ranges from working with non-verbal children to those with mild articulation and phonological disorders. I possess in-depth knowledge in language disorders which affect a child's ability to process and use language effectively (including understanding, speaking, reading and writing). In addition to working with children, I also specialize in treating individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury, stroke and other neurological cognitive-communication disorders. I was fortunate to have completed my Clinical Fellowship Year at The Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific in Honolulu, HI, where I received extensive training in providing services to adolescents and adults with neurological communication impairments. Over the last several years I have been privileged to further treat this population in the Acute Rehabilitation Unit of Mission Hospital.

Areas of Expertise

Why I love being a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP)

Being an SLP is very rewarding and I feel privileged to help individuals attain their highest level of ability. Communication is the basis for all interaction, a disruption in the speech and language process can cause a tremendous amount of difficulty for individuals and their families. I want to help!

My Most Memorable Therapy Moment

Through the years I have experienced many amazing moments watching lives be transformed. The moment that stands out most vividly happened some years ago at a clinic in Hawaii. I had provided therapy for a child with a severe language delay and a diagnosis of Pervasive Developmental Disorder. This was a major challenge for the entire family. After working with this child for nearly a year the day came when she ran out of my office into the arms of her mother and for the first time ever said "I love you". The moment brought tears to everyone's eyes. This memory serves as a constant reminder to me that language and the way we use it changes lives.